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A word from Delta 3‘s President M Albert Facon

Delta 3 is a key logistics site in the Nord Pas-de-Calais région of France, made possible by the coming together of private and public actors around a common project.

Its size (over 300 hectares) and its concept (a combined transport terminal and warehousing) make Delta 3 a powerful economic tool.

Located at the heart of the former mining district, Delta3 offers a unique state of the art logistics tool to clients, thus allowing them to develop job and value creating activities.

Delta 3 unites logistics and combined inland waterways and rail transport, thus making environmentally friendly growth a reality.

Delta 3’s reputation and visibility also highlight the know-how of women and men in the Region.

Albert Facon picture
Albert Facon
Delta 3‘s President
President of the Henin-Carvin Communauté d’agglomération.

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